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    stat file -c %Y

    date +s

    -newer file
    File was modified more recently than file. If file is a symbolic link and the -H option or the -L option is in effect, the modification time of the file it
    points to is always used.

    -newerXY reference
    Succeeds if timestamp X of the file being considered is newer than timestamp Y of the file reference. The letters X and Y can be any of the following let-

    a The access time of the file reference
    B The birth time of the file reference
    c The inode status change time of reference
    m The modification time of the file reference
    t reference is interpreted directly as a time

    Some combinations are invalid; for example, it is invalid for X to be t. Some combinations are not implemented on all systems; for example B is not supported
    on all systems. If an invalid or unsupported combination of XY is specified, a fatal error results. Time specifications are interpreted as for the argument
    to the -d option of GNU date. If you try to use the birth time of a reference file, and the birth time cannot be determined, a fatal error message results.
    If you specify a test which refers to the birth time of files being examined, this test will fail for any files where the birth time is unknown.